Super Value

baseball themed

Baseball Themed Checks

Personal checks that are as American as apple pie and baseball. In fact, these checks have a “Natural” or “Field of Dreams” baseball theme appeal.

basketball themed checks

Basketball Themed Checks

These personal checks have four (4) fun images and each image is 100% basketball themed. If you love this sport, this is great design at a fantastic price.

football themed

Football Themed Checks

Football themed checks have everything that a fan could want. Design has 4 images that include a football, helmet, goal post, and a view from the 50-yard line.


Golfing Checks

A fun 4 check design for golf enthusiasts. These golfing checks have 4 brilliant photographs of golf balls out on the golf course or on the green.


Castle Checks

These castle personal checks capture all of the beauty and grandeur of a castle. The design has 4 stunning images of some of Europe’s most beautiful castles.


Money Checks

Add some real green to your personal checks with these checks featuring good old greenbacks. These fun checks have pictures of money in various denominations.


Tractor Checks

This design has 4 pictures of the workhorse of the American farm – the tractor. The pictures are colorful and show the simplistic beauty of these machines.

tropical fish

Tropical Fish Checks

These personal checks feature 4 images of tropical fish in beautiful surroundings. So life-like that you can almost smell the saltwater and hear the waves.

pink ribbon

Pink Ribbon Checks

Show support for the Breast Cancer awareness program with these Pink Ribbon personal checks. The design has a light pink background and a large pink ribbon.

green marble

Green Marble Checks

These cheap personal checks have a classic design, with a green marbled border across the top and bottom of the check. A great design at an even better price.

parchment with accents

Victorian Parchment Checks

Perfect for anyone looking for cheap personal checks that are sophisticated and stylish. Design has classic parchment look with addition of Victorian accents.

frog checks

Frog Checks

These colorful frog checks have 4 stunningly bright and alluring images of frogs. With their large eyes and intrepid nature, these creatures a fascinating.

banyard friends

Barnyard Friends Checks

These Barnyard Friends checks have a bevy of farm animals on display. The checks include four separate pictures including pigs, cows, a rooster and a goat.

horse personal checks

Horse Checks

Fun, horse checks have images of beautiful horses. 4 different images that rotate throughout the design. Imagine having these beautiful horse on your checks.


Smilies Personal Checks

Smilies personal checks have 4 funny pictures. Each check has a bunch of smiling faces that are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you write a check.


Butterfly Personal Checks

These butterfly checks come in 4 colors, each with butterflies as the background. The butterfly design is muted giving the checks an elegant, feminine quality.

american flag checks

American Flag Checks

American Flag checks feature the most iconic of American images. Old Glory provides the background image resulting in a stunning patriotic symbol.

personal tennis checks

Personal Tennis Checks

Personal tennis checks are available for tennis enthusiasts. With 4 dynamic images and unbeatable pricing, the value of these checks makes them a clear winner.

soccer personal checks

Soccer Checks

Order soccer checks online and save. Compare these prices to your bank and you will see that you save 50% or more. 4 rotating images at an incredible bargain.

new style checks

New Style Checks

These personal checks are value priced. A simple white background with a double red border makes it perfect for both personal and business use. Great value.

parchment checks

Parchment Checks

Parchment checks are one of the most popular personal checks. There is a timeless elegance to this design. Extremely affordable when you order checks online.

green safety

Green Safety Checks

Simple design with a green background can be used by individuals and small businesses. Perfect for anyone looking for high-quality, inexpensive personal checks.

pink safety

Pink Safety Checks

A simple pink check with a no-nonsense design. Simplicity also means that you can order online at an extremely low cost. Compare our prices to your bank.

yellow safety

Yellow Safety Checks

Personal check does not have any images or extras, so it is versatile and value priced. Starting at just $1.99, making it one of our cheapest personal checks.

blue safety

Blue Safety Checks

Simple design makes these blue safety checks one of the most popular selling checks. It also means that you can order at extremely low cost – as low as $1.99.